Wednesday Bible Classes

Wednesday Bible Classes


time 10:00 am

Every Wednesday from

March 8, 2017

Wednesday Bible Classes 10:00 AM and 6:30 PM

Wednesday morning Bible study   10:00 am

BASEMENT – Jeremiah – Continuing through the book of Jeremiah, this chapter and verse study explores Jeremiah himself, his challenges and his message to the people of Israel. In doing so we must ask how this applies to us today.



6:30 PM – March, April and May AUDITORIUM



Sometimes we get stuck in the here and now, burdened by the trials of life. Our focus turns inward and often we struggle to take one step after the other. The Bible is rich in assurances of our future. This series will be an uplifting and encouraging time to gain strength knowing that God is in control and He is already holding the future… and us. This will not be a deep theological discussion but a true down-to-earth look at the fact that there truly is a better tomorrow. This will be just the right series for everyone, whether troubled or not, in deep despair or joyfully living. Drawing from Psalms and the writings of John, we will have laid out for us blessings that we sometimes overlook.