Preschool Curriculum

Basic Curriculum

At Berry’s Chapel Preschool, we want our students to be comfortable and confident in mastering the social and academic expectations for each age group. Using curriculum from Frog Street Press and Handwriting without Tears, developmentally appropriate activities are prepared to help every child master these expectations. Our teachers work with children to master the following skills:

2 Year Olds

  • Beginning coloring skills
  • Color identification
  • Social and interpersonal skills
  • Motor skills through the use of various manipulatives

3 and 4 Year Olds

In addition to the above skills,

  • Beginning scissor skills
  • Verbal and written spelling of child’s name
  • Letter recognition (uppercase)
  • Beginning handwriting using Handwriting without Tears curriculum
  • Number recognition (1-10)
  • Beginning math skills (counting, sorting, etc.)
  • Spatial Concepts (opposites, time, position, etc.)


In addition to the above skills,

  • Enhanced scissor skills
  • Writing first name
  • Letter recognition of both upper and lower case letters (includes the ability to write the letters)
  • Memorization of birthday, home address and telephone number
  • Story sequencing
  • Number recognition up to 20
  • Advancement of counting skills and pre-math skills
  • Introduction to “sight words”

Spanish Curriculum

Four year old and PreK classes participate in weekly Spanish classes where introductory Spanish is taught. Children learn numbers and colors in Spanish as well as simple common phrases and songs.

Music & Movement Curriculum

Weekly, fours and PreK children participate in music and movement enrichment designed to advance brain stimulation and development.

Bible Curriculum

Each week, a school wide devotional is presented where children’s songs are sung and a Bible lesson is taught. Additionally, Bible stories are presented daily in each class using our Bible Box curriculum. The Bible Box curriculum provides various materials including crafts, games, drama, and songs which allows the Bible story to be repeated using different methods.